What is the CMA Course?

KC Academy: The Best CMA Coaching Institute in India. [CMA Course: Full Form, Details, Fees, Eligibility, Duration & Syllabus and Career Scope ] CMA Course Information | CMA Full Form | The Full Form of CMA is Cost & Management Accountant.  1- What is the CMA Course? The CMA Course is a professional certification program for accountants and finance professionals who work in management accounting and financial management. CMA stands for Cost & Management Accountant. The CMA Course is offered by the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of India (ICMAI) in India. The CMA Course consists of three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Final. The CMA Course covers topics such as financial planning, performance and analytics, strategic financial management, cost and management accounting, taxation, auditing, business laws and ethics. The CMA Course is recognised worldwide and holds a high level of credibility in the field of management accounting. The CMA Course can help